Quality by standardizing the production processes

Pinnoitus Helin Oy is able to repeatedly deliver high quality service and products because of the standardized variables of the production process.

Our processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Regular analyzing of the production processes, automatic rationing of the chemicals, and the final test of the product are an important part of the operation of a productive and professional surface treatment plant. The finished surfaces also have to pass a heat shock test.

As in all surfacing, the significance of pretreatment is substantial for the end result. To achieve full adhesion, cleaning, pickling and activating of the base material is the most important production step. This way the base material will stick to the coating. Perfect adhesion means a metallic bond between the object and the coating, where the atoms share part of their electrons. Deposit can not be separated from the base by mechanical means. The bond between the coating and the base material also influence the heat and electric conductivity of the object. Also the solderability can be affected or lost without complete adhesion. The testing methods of adherence are specified in a standard used at Pinnoitus Helin.


  • Electrodeposited and chemically deposited coatings – Review of methods available for testing adhesion (ISO 2819:1980 )

Pinnoitus Helin has pretreatment processes for aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and its alloys, steel, and also for different types of tempered and stainless steel.

We verify the quality with heat shock tests and coating thickness measurements.

  • Coating Thickness Gauge: Fischerscope X-RAY XDL
  • Eddy current thickness gauge
  • Microscope
  • Coating adherence according to standard, heat shock, etc.