Electric and electronic industry

Our services for the electric and electronics industry improve the conductivity and anti-corrosion properties of components.

We manufacture contact areas for various components, anti-corrosion treatment of busbars, passivation or anodisation of aluminium cases, anti-corrosion for the bodyworks of equipment, and anodisation of labels and front panels of equipment before laser marking or tampo printing.

Tinning of contact areas is done in drums and suspensions. An intermediate layer of copper or nickel for brass components ensures a neat appearance for tin coating over longer storage periods.

The passivation or chemical nickel plating of aluminium cases offers smooth anti-corrosion treatment for all surfaces, and, to a limited extent, also for inside threads to secure earth contact.

All of our treatments comply with the RoHS directive and do not contain any hexavalent chrome. The metals we use come from reliable, audited suppliers and from conflict-free areas.

Surface treatment techniques

Tin plating

Electrolytic zinc plating