Electroless Nickel

Kemiallinen nikkelöinti

In autocatalytic nickel plating the metal is reduced onto the surface of an object in a chemical reaction. The coating achieved is very precise and even regardless of the shape of the object. This property, together with high degree of hardness and durability, has made it a very common method for many demanding uses. The coating is well suited for aluminum, brass, and steel. Corrosion durability with a coating of over 25µm is good as well.

Pinnoitus Helin Oy’s coating solutions for chemical nickel:

  • Bath type: medium phosphorus content (phosphorus content 6-9 %)
  • Fills the requirements of the RoHS Directive
  • Maximum dimensions of the object: 2700mm x 900 mm x 250 mm
  • Pretreatments: copper, aluminum, steel, and their alloys
  • Coating hardness HV 0.1:
    • without heat treatment: 500–600
    • with heat treatment 400 C: 900–1000


  • Autocatalytic (electroless) nickel-phosphorus alloy coatings — Specification and test methods (ISO 4527:2003)