• Quality System Certified

    Our company received certification according to ISO 9001:2015

  • We are open all summer

    We are open all summer. Our summer holidays are scheduled mostly for July and August and there might be occasional delays in production and replying to emails.

  • More Space – Better Service

    Our production building is being expanded by 800 m² during year 2018. New space will improve our service and provide more space to our production.

  • Black Nickel plating

    We now also provide black nickel plating.

    More information: Petri Helin, CEO, +358 10 617 4101,

  • New in Anodizing

    We offer PTFE-impregnation to improve wear properties and reduce friction for hard-anodizing and anodizing. Our line also has phosphoric acid anodizing for glueing applications for improved adhesion.

    Ask also for our anodizing color availability! In addition to natural color we have also black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, gold and brown colors available.

    More information: Petri Helin, CEO, +358 10 617 4101,

  • Gold and Silver plating

    As of 2011/12 we don’t provide gold or silveer plating anymore. Ask for alternative coatings of possibility for bigger batches from our sales:

    Sales email: