Zinc-iron alloy coating


Zinc-iron alloy coating is used in parts that need very good corrosion protection. The largest user group is motor vehicle industry. The coating gives about three times better protection than pure zinc; thus the same corrosion durability is achieved with coating thickness of only one third.

Pinnoitus Helin’s coating solutions for zinc-iron alloy coating:

  • Barrel and rack
  • Maximum dimensions of the object to be zinc-iron coated (mm): 2200x1000x400
  • Iron content of the coating is 0.3-0.7 % (the rest is zinc)
  • Corrosion durability even 700 h (wr) and 1000 h (rr)


  • black passivation, Cr3+
  • thick-film passivation, Cr3+
  • post dip (sealer)
  • all RoHS compliant


  • Electrodeposited zinc alloys with nickel, cobalt or iron (ISO 15726:2009)

Zinc-iron is the most commonly used zinc alloy coating coating that was developed mostly to the needs of car industry, because the pure zinc coating did not give adequate protection against corrosion in critical applications. The coating is well suitable for objects with strict measurements and it is distributed evenly in different parts of the object.