Satin anodizing

In our new product, satin anodizing includes bead blasting as well as anodizing, giving the processed aluminium a pleasant satin texture. The pearly lustre, durability and stain-repellence of the resulting surface is familiar from Apple laptops, for example.

The surface is finished by polishing as well as anodizing

After blasting, the surface is polished and finally anodized. The result can be affected by factors such as the degree of polishing or its omission: everything from a completely matt, non-reflective surface to a much glossier finish is possible. After treatment, the unpainted surface is silver-grey, but different anodizing tones are also possible. 

Raise your product’s profile with high-quality surface treatment

Beautiful and durable surface treatment adds value to a product. Satin anodizing is ideal for items such as IT and electronic devices, and health technology products for which easy cleaning, a pleasant appearance and ease of use are key requirements.

First-class bead blasting you can feel

The high-quality, satin-like surface is implemented in stages. Bead blasting is a mechanical pretreatment step, providing a product’s surface with a refined texture and optimal friction for contact by pounding it with small, carefully selected ceramic beads. This process is specifically optimised for our aluminium anodizing process, thus avoiding the post-anodizing unevenness and rough finish typical of glass bead and aluminium oxide blasting. The impressive, fine blasting finish also masks machining marks, with very small dimensional changes.

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